What is Home Staging?

StDanasusDrive_staging_entryIs your home ready to hit the hot market? Have you considered home staging? Home staging is all about marketing your home to appeal to a broad base of buyers and their lifestyles. As an Expert Psychological Stager™, I can help highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.

During an Artful Staging Consultation, we will do a complete property walk-thru where I will give recommendations on getting your house ready for showings!  I will guide you on strategically editing your home giving you immediate feedback.  A detailed room by room adventure list will follow highlighting your to do’s! This may include painting, replacing floors, specific cleaning, moving/removing furniture, decluttering, etc.

Why home staging matters…

Faster Sale…in 1/4 of the time – and it costs less than an extra mortgage payment!
Higher Offers…sell for 6-17% more! Recoup many times your staging costs.
Wider Appeal…property will appeal to the majority of potential buyers.
More Showings…more agents are eager to show a move-in ready property to their clients.
Reduce Negotiations…we reduce the issues that buyers use for price negotiations.
Competitive Edge…your home will stand out above the competing properties.


After the consultation and your adventure list are complete, I can come back before pictures are taken and fine tune your home to be show ready. Focusing on furniture placement to help your home feel larger and welcoming. Also, hang art and create vignettes which will emphasize the architectural elements of your home.  The goal at the end of the staging is to help buyers connect to their idealized lifestyle.

Are you ready?  I am currently booking spring appointments for home staging consultations.  I would love to artfully stage your home!


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