My Own Artful Home – Master Bath Edition


IMG_3745We love our home.  We love our neighbors.  We love our Grassland community!  We just didn’t love our bathroom.  So on to a little upgrade we did.  We love the process of a remodel.  Well…the planning, the picking out, and the finishing touches.  The in-between phase you just have to deal with.  We just recently updated our master bath and added some space in the bedroom for a sitting area.  We had the smallest bathroom in our house.  There was no getting ready at the same time.


To start the process I turned to Pinterest.  Check out my bathroom pins here!  Pinterest is a great resource for any project!  I use it to gather all kinds of visual thoughts.  It’s like a “visual brainstorming” session.  I pin, pin, pin then I start editing based on the space, details, and what is needed to achieve the look.  Also, helped to get a sense of what my husband liked and to make sure we were on the same page.

To the left are the finishes we chose.  We basically doubled our space however still not the largest bathroom.  So design, placement, lighting were key in our space.  We used larger tile to create the illusion the space was larger then continued the same tile vertically up the wall for a more dramatic look.  We loved the contrast of texture of the pebbles and also used the pebbles as a backdrop in the shower niche.  Choosing to do the open cabinet in the center added another element of openness and broke up the long cabinet visually.  We also chose cylinder sconces and taller mirrors to balance out the vertical nature of the shower tile.  Continuing with our transitional clean lined style, we chose to wrap the ceiling with the same wall color.  It’s seen more in contemporary design and doesn’t visually cut the wall off.  Lighting is huge in this space.  Using recessed can lights, sconces, and shower lighting…and can I say everything is on a dimmer!  We are completely enjoying our upgraded bath and so glad we chose to do this redesign!

Do you need help pinpointing your style or choosing those details for a remodel?  I would love to help if you are ready to create an Artful Home.





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