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Shelley McCoy

Shelley was that kid who was always rearranging her bedroom furniture, and even spent several nerdy years on the 4-H Interior Design Judging Team. While other kids asked for the latest gadgets or toys, Shelley asked for fine bed sheets and dishes for her birthdays. She earned degrees in Hospitality and Business from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and also has a degree from Disney University. During her years in catering and event planning for the University and various hotels, Shelley put together themed events, corporate meetings, and weddings down to the last detail.

Shelley has a natural eye for seeing color, whole room design, aesthetics and envisioning the finishing details of the whole space. She has spent countless hours keeping up with design trends just for the fun of it. She believes it is important to use those heirloom furniture pieces, mixing the old with modern accessories, and often incorporates reclaimed elements into the mix of design. Treasure hunting for accessories at her go-to-places is a favorite way to spend a day.

Shelley and her husband have remodeled three homes together. Her gift for abstract art developed as remodeling house number two came to an end and she wanted to find those finishing touches. Art also provided her a creative outlet while staying home as a Mom. Shelley has been a successful artist for twelve years and is commissioned by homeowners for custom art pieces. Need Art?

Today she is also excited being in client’s homes to help them decide what this wall color should be or what you would put on this bookshelf? She even knows where to shop for that perfect accent piece. Shelley has specialized in a minimalist approach to design and believes simplistic living makes life lighter, freer, and livable. Need Artful Styling?

Finally, because of Shelley’s interest and skill in art and design, home staging is a natural fit. She takes her “less is more” approach to design and utilizes it to stage your home when it’s time to put it on the market for sale or a special event. Shelley loves the adrenaline rush of a final staging project because it takes her back to her catering days and special event planning. Need Artful Staging?

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